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New Zealand has some of the most pristine, remote and untouched landscapes left in the world.

It is up to us to keep it that way by looking after the natural environment that is our home. ‘Nature calls’ wherever we are, and providing clean, safe, simple places for us all to use is important.

Nobody wants to pull off the road for a picnic stop in a lay-by that looks like paradise but smells offensive and is littered with waste and toilet paper. This is an ongoing problem in our scenic places and, of ocurse, it is not only travellers from overseas but also locals who sometimes leave behind all kinds of things when they stop.

We Kiwis relish our outdoor lifestyle and feel very connected to the wild expanses that are our home. We want to keep our wilderness pristine – and so do our visitors. After all, that’s what they come here to experience.

We have developed the Uniloo to have a visibly recognisable form so that everyone understands what it is, but also sees it as sympathetic to our environment. The Uniloo provides a safe, easy-to-maintain, clean and interesting place for all of us to use when and where we need it. Look for a Uniloo near you.

The Uniloo has a simple, strong, clean form that is easy to recognise and simple to build and maintain. Every Uniloo is designed as an accessible facility and can be clustered to provide multiple rooms to serve larger numbers as required.